Colour Combat MP

A high powered, full colour luminaire suitable for both floodlighting and wall washing

  • 14428 lumen output when using RGBL at 300W
  • High efficiency, 48.09 lm/W when using RGBL, with high colour quality
  • Single unit can used for RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBL and Dynamic White
  • Compatible with RDM/DMX controls
  • Colour consistency guaranteed through the ElumerCheck System

The ElumerCheck System

To ensure high colour consistency we have implemented an ElumerCheck process at the manufacturing stage of our products development. It addresses many of the everyday problems designers encounter when realising their architectural lighting schemes, right from the product build stage.

  • Eradicates the colour offset problem that often arises in different brightness and temperatures
  • Ensures colour consistency across all manufacturing runs, e.g. the product you buy today will give the same results as one you purchase in six months
  • You can create a hue or white by setting the colour coordinates, which translates across all products featuring this technology

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Dimensions 284mm x 411mm x 433mm
Weight 17.5kg
Ambient Operating Temperature -40 ~ 50 °C (operating), -20 ~ 50 °C (startup)
Control Options USITT DMX512-A and RDM V1.0 E1.20
Beam Angle Varies pending model - refer to data sheet
Power Consumption 350W (single chip RGBW), 300W (RGBW, RGBL quad chip and single white chip)
IP Rating IP66
Certifications CE, RoHS
Product Finish Off-white (standard). Grey, Black optional
Operating Voltage 100~277 VAC
Warranty 5 Years Limited
Lumens RGBL (quad): 14428lm. RGBW (quad): 12768lm. RGBW (individual): 7496. RGBA (quad): 11635lm. Warm White (individual): 11278lm. Cool White (individual): 11874lm. Dynamic White (amber and white individual): 10686lm
Colour Temperature Variable white (3200k - 10000k) is available when using RGBL variant of product. True dynamic white is available when using DW (dynamic white) variant of product.
Housing Material Die-cast Aluminium
LED Chip Type Quad and individual


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User Guides

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